Juniper Workshops  offers unique photography workshops with an emphasis on adventure around the world. Like any workshop, we will help students find the best photos, but we believe that good photo instruction requires something more. Because the best photographs tell stories, we push our students to go beyond simply capturing pretty images. Our students learn to go deeper into their subjects to produce a body of work that expresses more than just surface imagery. As we push students to go beyond the expected image they learn not only the craft of photography, but how to see deeper into their subjects.

Course Cancellation: Occasionally, we are forced to cancel a course due to low enrollment. If a course is cancelled we will refund all fees paid, in full. We cannot be responsible for unused airline tickets due to  a course cancellation. Our limit of liability is to return all fees paid to Juniper Workshops.

Instructor Replacement: In the event that we are forced to replace an instructor in a listed workshop, we will do so with someone of equal or similar credentials. When time permits, we will inform all those registered.